MARTHA IS DEAD Confirmed for PS5

At last nights Gold Joystick Awards it was announced that spine tingling thriller Martha Is Dead will be released on PS5, alongside previously announced Xbox Series X and PC.

Developed by LKA, the award-winning studio behind the celebrated psychological adventure The Town of Light, Martha is Dead opens in the depths of the Italian countryside as Allied and Axis forces turn the nation into a pincered playground.

On the shores of the lake lies the body of a young woman; Martha, drowned and desecrated. Now her twin sister must deal with the fallout from her murder whilst the horror of war draws ever closer.

Built in Unreal® Engine 4, Martha is Dead combines real-world locations, working in links to historical events, superstition, folklore, and deep psychological distress.

Announced in August for Xbox family of devices and PC, work has been progressing in tandem for PlayStation consoles, with publisher Wired Productions now able to confirm Martha is Dead will launch on all three platforms in 2021.

The Most Beautiful Gaming Experience – How Ubisoft Researched Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

In late October, three Norwegians journeyed to the world famous island of Lofoten to get a perfect picture of the world’s most beautiful gaming experience in a place that has inspired the actual Assassin’s Creed Valhalla game. The group had to endure everything from hail, stormy winds and freezing temperatures, but their patience finally paid off when the mysterious and beautiful northern lights finally appeared to provide the perfect backdrop to the gaming setup.

“When we heard the idea of creating what essentially must be the world’s most beautiful, if somewhat cold, gaming experience, we were immediately on board. First and foremost, the concept really fits the game, said Michael Jensen, Communication Manager at Ubisoft Nordic. “In the photo we have a great looking gaming station in arguably one of the world’s most beautiful places, which has perhaps been the seat of one of the most powerful Viking chieftains in Norway, what more can you ask for in one picture?”


A few years ago, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Narrative Director, Darby McDevitt and his team visited the picturesque northern area to do their research.

We visited the Lofoten islands for a week back at the end of 2018, and spent quite a lot of time hiking, sailing, and exploring. On our final night, we spent a full day at the Lofotr Viking museum and ended up attending a feast at the end of the night, in which we role-played as Norse clans coming together for a Thing (a Viking meeting/council). The Lofoten islands were an incredible and awe-inspiring place, and the majesty of Norway is undeniable in our version of the game, says McDevitt. And if you ask the local Norwegians, they were very happy with the visit.”

“It was a pleasure having Ubisoft and their team here. What impressed us was how well educated they were on the area and the Viking history. They had several very thorough questions about minor details that we don’t get very often. I think this dedication to detail is why the AC games have been so successful all over the world, and we truly look forward to people immersing themselves in our Viking history,” said Hege Anita Eilertsen, Head of Marketing at Lofotr Vikingmuseum.

Borg, where the Viking museum is located, and where the world’s most beautiful gaming experience was set up, is the historical seat of what is possibly Northern Norway’s most influential Vikings. The highlight on Borg is the largest Viking longhouse ever uncovered in the world, meaning that the chieftain that resided here over a 1,000 years ago was one of the richest and most powerful Vikings in Northern Norway. “We believe that makes the gaming experience extra special. Not only is it in what we would consider the most beautiful place on earth, it is placed on what was probably the starting point for all raids and seafaring for one of the most powerful Vikings in our part of the world, said Eilertsen.”

Brand New British Indie Game Announced – GODS WILL FALL

Announced today a new indie title, Gods Will Fall, a dark fantasy action game due to launch on 29th January 2021 on the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system,Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, Nintendo Switch, PC and Google Stadia.

Developed by Manchester based Clever Beans Gods Will Fall is a dark fantasy action game about the few remaining Celtic warriors of a destroyed army.

Here’s the background story to get you up to date:

You Are The Last Hope For Humanity

The gods’ torturous rule over humanity has lasted for millennia. Bent on cruelty and suffering, they demand to be served with blind worship through an oath of fealty pledged from every man, woman and child. To those who don’t submit to the gods’ will; a slow and merciless death awaits.

Experience the brutal trials of a venturous band of warriors in their desperate plight to sever the gods’ callous grip on humanity. Every man and woman who can muster a blade, having suffered the brutality of the gods’ reign for too long, will be called upon to form your clan of eight Celtic survivors and rise up to take on the legions of horrific beasts and minions that dwell in each of the gods’ hellish realms.   

A personal tale emerges with every decision made. Succeed and see legends born. Fail, and watch lives turn to dust.


Iconic Gods & Realms

Unravel the dark secrets of each ancient God as you venture into their elaborate and perilous lairs. Crawling with minions who will stop at nothing to defend their deities, each location will be deadlier than the last.

Celtic Warrior Clan

With eight different warriors of every size, each equipped with their own exclusive weapon type, choose your next hero wisely. Success is hard earned and brings unique skills, weapons and items but failure will see the challenger imprisoned and screaming for salvation.

Navigate a World of Duality 

Savour the calming sights as you explore the stunning and lush terrain of the Overworld. But beyond each ancient doorway, lies a god’s realm. Brimming with foul creatures, stalking a world built from human suffering. Each path you tread and each door you open will be different from the last, ensuring a brand new tale unfolds every time.

A Lesson in Brutality

With a pick up and play combat style that is easy to learn but hard to master, a massive challenge awaits all who venture within. Strengthen your warrior by entering the fray and embracing the berserker within. Defeat is always moments away as the gods await their challenger.

Gods Will Fall launches on 29th January 2021 on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and Stadia.

For more information on Gods Will Fall check out the official game website for all the details :

Milestone Announce Monster Energy Supercross 4

A huge announcement today for fans of Supercross, Milestone have announced they will be releasing the next instalment in their ever popular supercross series , Monster Energy Supercross 4 will release March 11th, 2021 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC/STEAM and Google Stadia.

Check out the awesome announcement trailer here :

A first for the franchise, a brand-new Career Mode structure will allow players to start their path from the Supercross Futures and climb the ladders to reach the 250SX and 450SX categories, where they will need to challenge the biggest number of Pro riders ever in franchise history. In the new Career Mode, the performance of each rider is affected by his skills that can be upgraded and managed thanks to a new skill tree system. Skill points are gained by racing, joining special events, completing trainings and fulfilling the Journal, which is a series of special objectives to show who is the best.

Inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Maine Islands, the new Compound is a place to roam free in Solo and Co-Op game modes or race against friends on the many tracks available. On this gorgeous island, there will be a lot of challenges and collectibles to discover!

A beloved community feature, the Track Editor, is back with more customization modules, directly created from 2020 Official Tracks. New cosmetic customization options to express creativity and boost realism include Tuff Blox, Starting Gate structures, Finish Line structures and Leader Pillars. 

As always in the franchise, players will be able to customize their riders with tons of content, thanks to more than 110 official brands for cosmetic and performance customizations for both rider and bike. Also, the Online Mode guarantees a lag-free and engaging Multiplayer experience thanks to Dedicated Servers and Race Director Mode*.

Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame 4 will be available worldwide starting March 11th, 2021 on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows PC®/STEAM and Google Stadia.

*Feature will be available after day 1

Epic Games Announces “FORTNITE CREW” Subscription

Today Epic Games has finally confirmed the rumour, Fortnite is getting a monthly subscription, so far it is down as optional but with the bonuses on offer I can see many kiddies begging for this – smart move Epic. Here’s the official run down from Micheal House, Community Coordinator at Epic Games :

“Today, we’re excited to announce an awesome new way for getting can’t-miss Fortnite content: Fortnite Crew! If you’re the kind of Fortnite player who likes owning the Battle Pass with each new Season or adding new items to your Locker, this new subscription is particularly practical.

Fortnite Crew launches on December 2 with the arrival of Chapter 2 – Season 5. This new monthly subscription costs $11.99 / €11.99. Today we’d like to take some time to go over what’s included in your Fortnite Crew subscription!

Always own the current Season’s Battle Pass

With a Fortnite Crew subscription, you’ll always have access to the current Season’s Battle Pass.  You may be asking: “What if I subscribe after already owning the Battle Pass?” Don’t worry: if you already have the current Battle Pass, 950 V-Bucks will be returned to your account! You may also be asking: “Do I still keep the Battle Pass if my subscription ends?” Don’t worry again: a Season’s Battle Pass stays your even if your subscription ends during that Season.

Receive 1,000 Bonus V-Bucks every month

Every month, you’ll receive 1,000 V-Bucks as part of your Fortnite Crew subscription! And yes, this is in addition to the V-Bucks you can unlock with your included Battle Pass access.

Get a new monthly Outfit Bundle

Also as part of Fortnite Crew, you’ll get a monthly Fortnite Crew Pack, an exclusive bundle of a new Outfit plus at least one new matching accessory (like a Glider, Pickaxe, or Emote). Even if your subscription ends, all of your Pack items are yours to keep.

Meet the Empress of the Cosmos: Galaxia

Starring in the very first Crew Pack is empress of the cosmos Galaxia (with an additional Outfit style), accompanied by her Cosmic Llamacorn Pickaxe and Fractured World Back Bling. With her steed as her Pickaxe and the world at her back, Galaxia is primed for battle. 

Going forward, we’ll continue to unveil the next month’s Pack before the current month ends.

How to subscribe or learn more

A Fortnite Crew subscription will be purchasable from the in-game Item Shop or Battle Pass purchase screen starting with the launch of Chapter 2 – Season 5, and you’ll be able to cancel anytime. We look forward to offering this way to help you maximize your Fortnite experience when Season 5 kicks off next month!”

Clever move or another money making ploy? What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

New Update Adds More Realism to Farming Simulator 19

Announced today a free DLC update for Farming Simulator 19 will be available December 8th, this update will make Farming Simulator even more realistic by introducing Precision Farming.

The DLC is part of the ‘Precision Farming Project’ funded by EIT Food, Europe’s leading Food Innovation Initiative. Developed by GIANTS Software, the DLC features new gameplay elements for more eco-friendly farming.

Players will be able to optimize their yield by taking soil samples to identify four different soil types with individual requirements. They need to take pH values and nitrogen content in the soil into account. Dynamic application rates based on soil properties allow saving resources like seeds, fertilizer, fuel, maintenance cost and more, saving money while operating more environmentally-friendly.

“We’re excited to elevate the aspect of realism in Farming Simulator with the expertise of our partner John Deere while contributing to the solution of an agricultural challenge. We hope the new gameplay features will please our fans while spreading awareness of modern agricultural technology”, says Christian Ammann, CEO of GIANTS Software.

Farming Simulator is available now for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The Premium Edition including base game and all DLCs is also available everywhere, for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, in digital or retail stores.

Overcooked : All You Can Eat – Review


Developed by: Ghost Town Games

Published by: Team 17

Platforms Available On: PS5, Xbox Series X/S

Reviewed on Xbox Series X – code very kindly supplied for the purpose of this review.


The crazy culinary caper is back with a best of bundle bringing both Overcooked and Overcooked 2 together along with all the DLC ever released, but this is not just a repacked push out game Team 17 have built this back up from the ground up bringing you glorious 60fps 4K graphics.

There are over 200 levels to play through with seven new levels in the mix also three new chefs alongside all the old favourites . You now have faster loading times letting you get into the game quicker and new trophies and achievements, not only all that Overcooked has been rebuilt using Overcooked 2’s engine so you can team up with friends and take on the kitchens from the original Overcooked. Lastly to make things even better cross platform multiplayer has now been introduced so whichever platform your friends have (Xbox or ps) you can play together.


Fans of the Overcooked series are in for a treat with this normally when a redo or rerelease is released its normally no more than merely changing the packaging but Overcooked : All You Can Eat feels like a completely new game it looks really smooth, you can tell a lot of work has gone on behind the scenes to build a great looking game.

All the crazy chaotic kitchen action that formed the heart of Overcooked is still here and is just as enjoyable now than it originally was.

You start off at the menu page where you can pick to play alone or multiplayer, with multiplayer you can either play couch co-op, which in my opinion is the best way to play these type of games, or you can select online and cook with people around the world, although at the time of writing I haven’t been able to find an online match. After choosing which mode you want to play you can then choose which game to play through either Overcooked, Overcooked 2 or you can choose all the DLC.

Playing single player through the campaign story is good fun and the ongoing King Onion story is enjoyable, I found the gameplay a bit on the difficult side to play alone as you control two chefs but it is doable just a bit more harder and certainly doesn’t take away from the enjoyment, even moving the bus along the map in between games can be good fun.

After playing through the campaign for a bit I grabbed a friend (not literally) and jumped into the couch co-op, now this is where the fun begins and at some points actually tears of laughter were shed, to me Overcooked should really be a co-op only game as it’s a far better game when playing it with others.

I would really recommend this game but either get your mates round or get online it’s far better playing with other people, but it’s still an enjoyable fun game single player but just a bit harder.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics are simply stunning, as I said before running at 60 FPS in stunning 4K with such vibrant colours you really do see the difference, it’s just like watching an animated film. All the levels are well thought out and look great.

The soundtrack is fun the music definitely goes with the gameplay, the voice acting is kind of non existent apart from the grunting or “mmm”- ing but even that made me giggle a bit so still worked well.


To summarise my thoughts on Overcooked:All You Can Eat, a good fun game all in all good to play alone but great to play with friends definitely one to add to the collection for fans of the originals or even newbies it’s well worth picking up.

Verdict – Out of 5⭐️

I give Overcooked : All You Can Eat a lip smacking 4⭐️ a good all round game full of family fun for young and old

Pick up your copy of Overcooked :All You Can Eat on Xbox Series X/S here :

F1 2020 Trial Available Now

Released today is the trial of upcoming Codemasters official F1 2020 game.

Starting today players if Xbox One and PS4 can download a trial version of the game, offering different styles and options for different players.

The trial version features My Team and the return of split-screen for competitive couch play. Plus, with the introduction of the new accessible handling, players of all levels can compete the moment they take to the starting line.

You can check out the overview video here:

Those who decide to purchase the full game the progress will carry over from the trial.

The F1 2020 trial is available to download now through digital storefronts on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. F1 2020 is out now on PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X, Windows PC (DVD and via Steam), and Google Stadia.

Those Who Remain Review


Developed By: Camel 101

Published by : Wired Productions

Platforms Available On: All Platforms

Available as a stand alone game or as part of the Wired Horror Bundle, also includes Close To The Sun and The Town Of Light

Code very kindly supplied for the purpose of this review – reviewed on PS4 Pro


Stay away from the dark, the light is indeed your friend. Take a look at the official info from the game’s website:

“As the lights go out, the embers of darkness are stoked in the sleepy town of Dormont.

Whispers of disappearances carry through the town as a burgeoning, uneasy and irrational fear begins to spread and darkness comes to be an unwelcome reflection to Those Who Remain.

Some mistakes should never happen, not when your life is complete – and yet they do. Edward had the good life, a beautiful wife and the perfect little girl, yet finds himself several whiskeys down and driving through the night of Dormont to end his secret affair – in a bid to fix his mistakes.

As Edward pulls into the Golden Oak Motel, he is unaware just how much this night will change his life”


As the game loads up you are treated to a cinematic cut scene that gives you a bit of background story of Edward, the person you are playing as, life for Edward doesn’t seem to be going great for him at the moment and this night doesn’t seem to get much better for him.

Once again you know you are playing a Wired Productions title as the graphics and gameplay are top notch and you are immersed into the game, word of advice though might not be the best idea to play this game with the light off wearing a headset and yes I’m saying that from experience.

The game constantly makes you think and remember as some thing you find in one area you may need to use in another the game really keeps you on your toes, in some cases quite literally. You need to make the light work for you, turning lights on, turning car head lights on or even floodlights for fields the more light the better because as you enter the dark the creepy ghostly beings with blue eyes appear, step too long into the dark and it’s curtains for you.

A unique aspect of the game is jumping between dimensions from the real world to an alternative dimension, this is useful and needed to complete the different tasks that are set before you, things that would be heavy in this dimension could be too heavy to move but in the other dimension it just slides straight over, it’s great dynamics and works really well with the overall feel of the game, plenty of dark scary moments filled with enough jump scares to keep you going getting the answers that Edward needs.

Overall I though it was a good game although not one for “just a quick go” as you will lose countless hours as you get sucked into the story with the choices you make effecting how the story pans out, also you can help innocent civilians or leave them to darkness’s fate it’s up to you.

Graphics and Sounds

Once again Wired Productions have bought yet another stunning game, the graphics are phenomenal with the jump from dimension to dimension seamless, the creepy enemies are perfectly creepy and feel part of the game and not something that’s been added in

The soundtrack is equally as moody and creepy but it works and works well.


To summarise my thoughts on Those Who Remain, it’s not the easiest game in the world but it is enjoyable in a strange sort of way. It makes you think, makes you plan your actions and also makes you crap your pants on occasions

Verdict – Out of 5⭐️

I give Those Who Remain 4⭐️ a hard game at first but one well worth getting into.

Get your copy of Those Who Remain on PS4 here:

Also available as part of the Wired Horror Bundle :

Ghost of A Tale Will Get The Physical Treatment Thanks to Super Rare Games

More exciting news coming out of the Super Rare camp today, Ghost of a Tale is set to be the next limited physical release 26th November.

In typical Super Rare Games tradition, this rare print physical release includes all the content on its cart, a full-colour manual, interior artwork, an exclusive sticker, and three trading cards randomly selected from the five-card set. Fans won’t have long to wait, as Super Rare Games titles ship soon after going on sale.

If you don’t know much about Ghost of a Tale then here’s the official Super Rare rundown:

It’s a dangerous world out there for a little mouse! You are Tilo, a courageous minstrel Mouse on a perilous quest to find his true love. Use stealth and cunning as you explore Dwindling Heights Keep – from its tallest towers to its deepest dungeons, evadings its dangers and discovering its most ancient secrets…

A 3D action-RPG featuring classic action mixed with stealth elements, disguises, and quests

Takes place in a medieval world populated only by animals, with cruel Rats ruling over all other creatures

Play as Tilo, a mouse and minstrel caught up in a perilous quest to escape the dungeons of Dwindling Heights Keep and discover the fate of his true love, Merra

Explore the decaying keep, from its expansive woodlands and lakeshore to its spider-infested catacombs, evading its many dangers and discovering its most ancient secrets.

An epic yet intimate story with a highly immersive visual style

Developed by a very small team, led by DreamWorks and Universal Picture veteran Lionel “Seith” Gallat and experienced game designer/writer Paul Gardner.

Ghost of a Tale is released 25th November exclusively from

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