Song of Horror Review


Developed By: Protocol Games.

Published By: Raiser Games.

Platforms Available On: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Reviewed on PS4 Pro, a code was very kindly supplied for the purpose of this review.


“A 3rd person, fixed-camera survival horror adventure. Fear the Presence, a mysterious entity you cannot fight: stay alert, hide, breathe slowly… Explore cursed places where unseen spirits and lost souls linger in a true horror story for the ages.

The famed writer Sebastian P. Husher has gone missing, along with his entire family. Worried, his editor sent an assistant to his house in order to look for him – but he never came back… These disappearances spark a set of events that will soon reveal something dreadful: a nameless, dark entity known only as The Presence seems to be responsible.

Song of Horror offers a truly dynamic terror experience. Experience unbearable fear as an otherworldly being, The Presence, responds to your way of playing and hunts you down in unexpected ways, offering a unique experience to every player and gameplay where tension builds up naturally instead of coming from scripted sequences.

As a player, you will live this story through the eyes of a varied set of characters related to the story in their own way. Every character is different, and brings their unique point of view to the investigation, allowing them to approach clues and items differently. Their actions and decisions will shape the world: some of them will know more or less of certain aspects of the story; some will be more effective against supernatural manifestations, but all of them can die if the Presence gets to them – and death is permanent. If they die, you will have to pick the story up with another one, and continue the investigation so their deaths are not in vain.

A mysterious antique shop, a forgotten abbey, an abandoned mental hospital… Each location in Song of Horror is inspired by the classics of the genre. Explore and investigate these haunted places to gather clues and items that will help you solve challenging puzzles while enduring the agonizing tension of the game’s atmosphere”.

Read on to see my honest opinions of Song of Horror.


When I came across Song of Horror I was intrigued by the look and the story and was keen to explore further into the dark world.

It kind of starts off a bit generically, ex drunk investigator gets sent to a creepy house to investigate a families disappearance, not a storyline that is too dissimilar from others before it but equally it grabbed my attention. Daniel (the character you first play as) goes missing so it’s down to a group of others to track him down and solve the mystery.

The game starts off a bit bland where you literally are just playing a point and click game but as you work your way around the house you start to feel the eerie sense of what is going to happen.

The mood of the game certainly hits the “horror” spot as you walk about with your flash light or lighter making the surrounding areas dark as hell, the game does have an early Resident Evil feel to it with the crafting aspect, a shame there’s no weapons though but to be fair I think this is more of a psychological horror rather than your normal hack and slash.

The game certainly feels long enough as you gather your evidence and clues with many mini games/puzzles to solve, with different creepy areas to explore and plenty of jump scares as the strange black being tries to take hold.

Overall I enjoyed the experience and could see what the game was trying to do but to be honest I have played better.

Graphics and Sound

At first glance I thought the graphics were amazing, the characters and gameplay worlds were very well done, however the movement of characters felt robotic and there seemed to be a few glitches for instance you can just walk through a door without opening it, or when you move with your flashlight it would sometimes stick in the air as you carry on moving, so in all honesty not as good as I’d expected.

The soundtrack was great and certainly added to that whole creepy vibe, the sound effects were very well done and did make me jump on a few occasions..


To summarise my thoughts of Song of Horror, not as good as I initially hoped but still a decent game to play through but you do need to give it time to get going.

Verdict-Out of 5🌟

Good 🌟🌟🌟

I give Song of Horror 3🌟, a good experience and well worth checking out but I have played better.

Grab your copy of Song of Horror on PS4 click here

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