A while ago I had the pleasure of reviewing Glyph for PC for the more indepth review take a look here

Recently I was very kindly sent a code for Glyph on Nintendo Switch, I will take a look at the differences in how the game plays on this system.


In terms of actual gameplay there is nothing really different in terms of how the game plays, the main difference for me is the game seems smoother, seems like it was made for the Nintendo Switch the controls kind of felt better.

The main aim of the game is to navigate around various courses without falling off the edges, each course getting harder as they go on. The game sounds easy enough but you will find that navigating around these courses is tricky, but not to the point of putting you off the game, it definitely has that “just one more go” feel to it.

The controls of the Nintendo Switch give you more control of the little ball for me personally I found the gameplay was far better suited to this style rather than keyboard and mouse, although the PC set up was reasonably easy to pick up I found the traditional analogue stick and buttons alot easier to deal with.

It was great to revisit this title as 8 had alot of fun with it on PC the first time round, this time the added benefit of being able to take it with me was a great touch.

Graphics and Sound

I didn’t see alot of difference in the quality of graphics between the PC version or the Switch version, if anything the Switch version may have been a bit sharper, still a very impressive looking game without doubt.

I still liked the soundtrack I felt it gave the game that mystical feel and worked well, the in game sounds are a great quality really giving a good experience to the gamer.


To summarise my thoughts on Glyph, a great game in its own right, I felt that it worked slighty better on the Switch version, although that may be a personal preference.

Verdict-Out of 5🌟



I give Glyph on Nintendo Switch 4🌟 a good title with lots to do and loads of puzzles to solve, a great addition to the collection for any puzzler.

Grab your copy of Glyph on Nintendo Switch click here

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