Ubisoft Announce RENGOKU Event for RAINBOW SIX SIEGE

Today, Ubisoft announced Rengoku, a new limited-time event for Rainbow Six  Siege, available tomorrow, 26th April, until 17th May. Rengoku introduces a new control area game mode with unique Kiba loadouts and fast respawn, creating a fast-paced and action-packed event.

Set in Japan, Rengoku unveils a temple in the sky and a fight for eternity, where Operators are Samurai warriors possessed by spirits fighting for the honour of the gods in a revisited Skyscraper map. In the 5v5 control mode, players must stay near altars for five seconds unopposed to score control points or steal control points from the opposing team – the first team to reach 300 points wins the match. Every two minutes, the control points will change location.

Operators will wield a one-hit kill explosive Kiba on top of shotguns and pistols. Fuze, Osa, Rook, and Thunderbird can choose between a Fire or Poison Kiba, while Twitch, Capitão, Zofia, Kapkan, Bandit, and Maestro can choose between the Flashback or Knockback Kiba to unleash the ultimate chaos.

This event brings with it the Rengoku Collection, which contains uniforms, headgear, weapon skins and Operator Card Portraits for the Rengoku competitors. Rengoku also introduces the Battlefield Spirit Bundle which includes a signature weapon skin, a universal attachment skin, charm and background. The Rengoku Collection packs can be obtained by completing the special Event Challenges, or by purchasing them for 300 R6 Credits, or 12500 Renown each. The individual Bundles may also be bought directly for 1680 R6 Credits each.

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Today, Ubisoft announced that Emerald Plains, the first new map added to Rainbow Six Siege in three years, is now available for all players on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Windows PC including on Xbox Game Pass, Ubisoft+, Ubisoft’s subscription service, Amazon Luna, and Stadia.

Experience the rolling hills of Northern Ireland in the Emerald Plains country club and private ranch. In the idyllic setting, players can explore the grounds to develop the best approach for their matches, whether it be risking a rappel through the skylight, taking advantage of the three interior stairs, or seeking cover beside the fireplace atrium.

The two floors inside Emerald Plains are distinct, with a modern bottom floor contrasting against the classic style of the manor’s upper floor, to emphasise clear call-outs and orientation landmarks. Partially inspired by Bartlett and Border, these spacious rooms provide a large playground in this medium-sized map. Players can jump into Emerald Plains as part of Year 7 Season 1 Demon Veil with new Operator Azami. The new Defender is equipped with the game-changing Kiba Barrier gadget that repairs holes in walls and floors, offering a more mobile and versatile defensive approach.

Year 7 will bring more new maps, cross-play and cross-progression, continued efforts to encourage positive player behaviour with a Reputation System, new permanent game modes including Team Deathmatch, and many more updates.

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Today, Ubisoft announced that its next international esports competition for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, the Six Charlotte Major, will take place in Charlotte, North Carolina, from 16TH to 22ND May, with tickets for the final three days of the event going on sale in the coming days. More information on ticketing and the venue will be shared soon on

The Six Majors are amongst the biggest international esports events for Rainbow Six Siege, scheduled to take place in May, August, and November this year. After Raleigh in 2019, the competition is coming back to the United States this May, as the top 16 teams across Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America will compete for the title, prize money, and points in the Global Standings to qualify for the Six Invitational 2023.

Group Stage: 16TH to 18TH May– behind closed doors

Playoffs: 20TH to 21ST May– open to the public

Grand Final: 22ND May – open to the public

The health and safety of pro players, fans, staff, and partners being a top priority, the event will follow dedicated sanitary guidelines in line with local regulations.

“After over 2 years without a live audience attending our international events, we couldn’t be happier to open the doors of the Six Charlotte Major and welcome back our community on site for the Playoffs.” shared François-Xavier Deniele, Senior Director, Esports and Competitive Gaming at Ubisoft. “We’re excited for fans to discover everything we have planned for them during the event”. 

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*Tickets only on sale for the Playoffs & Grand Final taking place between 20TH – 22ND May.


Ubisoft Announce UK Nordic Championship eSports League For RAINBOW SIX SIEGE

Ubisoft have announced that the UK Ireland Nationals (UKIN) and Nordic Championship esports leagues will combine to create the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege Northern Premier League, a highly competitive revamped league that will gather the best players and teams from both UKIN and Nordic local scenes to compete in an exciting new competition and prize pool of €25,000. 

“We’re excited to bring this new Rainbow Six Siege esports competition for our UK, Ireland and Nordic players” says Mark Slaughter, UK Marketing Director, Ubisoft. “This new tier will help further develop both local scenes from grassroots through to the Northern Premier League and ultimately to the European Challenger League, giving our players and teams more opportunities to participate and to win.”

“Rainbow Six Siege has steadily become one of the most popular esports games in the world and the new Northern Premier League will expose this wonderful title to even more people” says Peter Weile, Nordic Managing Director at Ubisoft. “The future is extremely exciting for Rainbow Six Siege.”

The Northern Premier League will have 10 teams compete across nine weeks from 19th April to end of August 2022. Each week there will be two days of broadcast, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. At the end of the Northern Premier League season, the top two teams will qualify for the European Challenger League, where teams from across Europe compete to be promoted to the European League, the highest level of competitive Rainbow Six Siege in the region. The middle four teams will retain their place in the Northern Premier League, while the seventh and eighth positions enter relegation playoffs and the bottom two are automatically relegated to their respective local league.

At a grassroots level, the existing UKIN 2nd Division will rebrand as UKIN and along with the Nordic Championship will act as feeder leagues to the Northern Premier League, more details will be shared about these leagues soon. 

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Ubisoft Announce 2022 Plans For RAINBOW SIX SIEGE

Ubisoft have announced an ambitious 2022 roadmap for Rainbow Six Siege, which recently surpassed the 80 million player milestone. Year 7 will bring new maps for the first time in three years, new permanent game modes including Team Deathmatch, continued efforts to encourage positive player behavior, and many more updates.

During Year 6, Rainbow Six Siege introduced four new Operators, multiple thorough map reworks, numerous Operator balancing updates, Privacy Mode, UI and HUD improvements, and more. In Year 7, Ubisoft continues its long-term commitment to make Rainbow Six Siege an exciting, thoughtful, and fair game.


Demon Veil, the first season of Year 7, will bring the Japanese Defender Azami, a new country club map set in Ireland, and a Team Deathmatch permanent game mode. Season 2 will introduce a Belgian Operator and an exclusive Team Deathmatch map set in Greece. Season 3’s Operator arrives from Singapore, bringing a new competitive map. The last Operator of the year will be from Colombia.


Throughout Year 7, the development team will take steps towards addressing specific player behavior to further anti-cheat efforts introduced in Year 6 like the Reputation System. Season 1 introduces improvements towards detecting griefing and player disconnects. Season 2 tackles players who misuse friendly fire through sanctions restricting reverse friendly fire as well as improving match cancellations.

In Season 3, players can access reporting options in Match Replay to address harassment in voice and video chat. Season 3 also introduces Reputation Scores for players, which will launch in Season 4 and start deploying rewards and sanctions to block repeat offenders. In Year 7, the development team strives to meet their continued goal of creating a secure and fair environment.


From tomorrow until 21st March, players can purchase the limited-time Year Pass or the Premium Year Pass. The Year Pass unlocks the four seasonal Battle Passes – which includes a 14-day early access to new Operators when they launch – while the Premium Year Pass unlocks four Battle Passes, the early access to new Operators, exclusive Exotic weapon skins, VIP credits, and more. Players who purchase the Premium Year Pass will also unlock 20 extra Tiers out of 100, receiving rewards quicker.


Console players will receive several dedicated updates this year including aim control personalisation, new controller input presets, and field of view settings.


To better introduce new players to Rainbow Six Siege, Year 7 adds a Shooting Range: playable spaces to practice, train, and experiment without the pressure of a match. Another onboarding tool, Operator Tips, will let players get to know each Operator, their gadgets, and any tips that might be helpful for Attacker or Defender strategies.

The development team will continue reworking several Operators this year including Zero, Bandit, Dokkaebi, and Thatcher. Year 7 will add Team Deathmatch and Arcade permanently to the playlist, as well as revamping the Ranked experience to reflect a player’s progression better.

Rainbow Six Siege will be adding cross-play and cross-progression near the end of 2022.

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Ubisoft Unveil RAINBOW SIX SIEGE Year 7 Season 1 With DEMON VEIL

Today, Ubisoft revealed the first season of Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 7 Season 1, Demon Veil. This season introduces Azami, a new Japanese Operator, a new map, a permanent Team Deathmatch game mode, gameplay updates including Attacker Repick, universal sights and more.

In Demon Veil, uncover the secrets of Azami, an enigmatic new Defender – equipped with the Kiba Barrier gadget, her throwable canisters deploy an expandable material that solidifies into a bulletproof surface, providing fast cover. Azami’s gadget allows her to quickly repair holes in walls and floors, creating for a more mobile and versatile defensive approach. Azami is a medium speed, medium health Operator, and her loadout features a 9X19SVN or an ACS12 as a primary weapon and a D-50 as a secondary weapon.

Alongside Azami, an exclusive new map arrives mid-season for the first time in Rainbow Six Siege in three years: Emerald Plains. Set in Ireland, this modern country club challenges players to master a new environment and its multiple levels.

Attacker Repick arrives in Year 7 Season 1, allowing Attackers to change their Operator and loadout during the Preparation Phase. The change aims to bring more impact during the Preparation Phase by allowing Attackers to use the intel gathered and adjust their strategy. In addition, the match header has been updated to help make informed decisions when changing their Operator or loadout. Attacker repick is available for all game modes in the Quick Match, Unranked, Ranked, and Pro League playlists.

Demon Veil brings further important gameplay updates: a permanent Team Deathmatch game mode, created to provide the perfect environment for players to warm up and practice their aim before competitive matches, as well as offer a more casual gameplay experience within Rainbow Six Siege; Match Replay for console players, a spectator mode that has been available on PC since 2020; Operator balancing updates for Goyo and Valkyrie; and an exclusive Elite skin for Nomad.

Y7S1 will also introduce a new Incentive Program: when players report issues on R6Fix and have their status reach “Under Investigation,” they will receive one reward per season, determined by the highest severity issue out of all their reports. Players on both the Test Server and the Live Server can report issues and have a chance to receive each season’s reward during the following season’s Test Server.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, the Xbox One family of consoles, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, including on Ubisoft+, Ubisoft’s subscription service, Amazon Luna, and Stadia.



Starting Tuesday, the Road to S.I. in-game event returns to Rainbow Six Siege, running every day between 1st February until 21st February. This year, play as any Operator in the ultimate competitive Stadium map, combining elements of both the Border and Coastline maps by night or day. All Operators will be unlocked in a three-minute, three-round, unranked Plant Bomb, with Pick and Ban mode. The Captains – Mira, Capitão, Ash, and Vigil – and their teams will sport outfits from the Battle Pass.

The High Calibre Battle Pass offers exclusive rewards in its free track and premium track available for 1200 R6 Credits. Starting 1st February, players who purchase the Premium Battle Pass bundle now will instantly unlock 20 Tiers instead of 12, receiving rewards faster. For the players who already bought the Premium Battle Pass Bundle, eight additional free tiers will be granted to their account. Every Battle Pass owner will also have an opportunity to earn more points during the Double Battle Points event from 5th – 6th February.

This year, the Battle Pass includes 100 tiers and 135 rewards to earn before 21st February. Progress through the tiers and obtain exclusive gear for the captains and their teammates, as well as additional exclusive content. 30% of the revenue from this Battle Pass will support the Six Invitational 2022 prize pool, up to a maximum of $3 million USD.

The Six Invitational is the biggest and most anticipated Rainbow Six Siege event, celebrating a year of Siege with the fans and community. As announced in January, due to recent regulations and event restrictions in Quebec, Canada, the 2022 edition of the Six Invitational has been relocated to Stockholm, Sweden, where teams will compete in a LAN environment following strict sanitary measures. The health and safety of our players, fans, staff and partners being our top priority, the event will not host any live audience on site. The competition is the pinnacle of the Rainbow Six Siege competitive season and features the best teams in the world, all vying for the Championship title and a share of the prize pool.


Ubisoft Announce Kappa Partnership With Launch of Capsule Collection

Renowned Italian sportswear brand Kappa, and Ubisoft, developer and publisher of the video game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, are delighted to announce the launch of a compelling capsule collection for Winter 2022. The agreement was brokered by Ubisoft’s licensing agency IMG.  The two brands have teamed up to offer an exclusive collection that blends contemporary fashion with the gaming world, while integrating the Rainbow Six Siege DNA into these iconic products. The collection is composed of three ranges: Banda, Logo and R6.

The capsule collection includes eight pieces including hoodies, casual t-shirts, a jacket and a tracksuit, all in black, grey and blue tones taken from the Rainbow Six Siege universe. Each product features instantly recognisable details such as the combination of the iconic Kappa Omini logo with the Rainbow Six logo to create a unique “banda” that runs along the sleeves of the jacket and the sides of the sweatpants.  The collection is made up of delicate and crafted materials perfectly timed for the winter season. The building blocks of this collaboration are entirely drawn from Kappa and Rainbow Six Siege’s identity to satisfy the most passionate gamers, as well as fashion and lifestyle lovers.

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Ubisoft Announce Limited Time RAINBOW SIX SIEGE Event SNOW BRAWL

Ubisoft have announced a new limited-time event for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Snow Brawl, beginning tomorrow and running for three weeks until 4th January. Snow Brawl introduces a snow-filled capture the flag game mode, where players must capture the flag of the opposing team and bring it back to their own base to score a point.

Equipped with unlimited snowballs as their main weapon and the Snowblast Launcher as secondary, players will enjoy a chilling fight in a revisited Chalet map. Flags can be released by the holder or by taking down the carrier, and fallen flags can be returned to base by picking them up. Three hits down a player and sends them to Respawn. Boosts available on the map include: running speed, rate of fire, air jab ammo, and health packs. The team with the most points at the end of the 10-minute round wins – in case of a tie, overtime begins, with the first team to score in Sudden Death winning.

In Snow Brawl, players can fight as The Blue Blades with Operators Ash, Blackbeard, Buck, Montagne, and Osa or The Orange Blizzard with Operators Castle, Frost, Rook, Thorn, and Vigil.

The Snow Brawl Collection comes with 45 wintry items including uniforms, headgear, matching weapon skins, and operator card portraits for those in The Orange Blizzards and The Blue Blades. Snow Brawl also introduces the Snowflake Bundle with includes a signature weapon skin, a universal attachment skin, charm, and background. The Snow Brawl Collection packs can be obtained by completing the special event challenges, or by purchasing them for 300 R6 Credits, or 12,500 Renown. One free collection pack will be gifted to all players who log into the game during the Snow Brawl event, and one additional per week as they complete the weekly challenges. The collection items can also be purchased as individual bundles for 1680 R6 Credits.

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Ubisoft Release Lo Fi Music Album POSTMATCH For Streamers and Creators

Today, Ubisoft announced the immediate release of “Postmatch,” Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege’s first Lo-fi album. Created in partnership with key artists, this 20-track album puts a new spin on the game’s soundtrack. “Postmatch” is now available on all music streaming platforms.

To craft this album, Ubisoft partnered with Kill Miami, JonyBeats, Rohaan, Kaze Beats, Kyle Evans, Riddle and WIZE. Players can recognise the melodies or stems from the game soundtrack and discover a fresh new take on the themes they know and love. “This album answers the question of, ‘What does lo-fi sound like to someone living in Rainbow Six world?’ We took elements from cult themes and SFX and mixed them with a relaxing, hip-hop twist to answer this question,” said Kill Miami, Composer and Producer of “Postmatch.”

All the tracks are free to use for streamers and content creators on video and streaming platforms as long as they are not for commercial use. For all conditions, please visit this article:

Complete track list:

Prep Montage

Rainbow Lounge

Evening Bork

Industry of Design

On Leave


Urban Jungle

Riddle in the Sky

Sunday Waking

Unrattled Pride

Celestial Journey [Focus Track]

Jam and Flow

Debrief Beats

Low Growl


High Rise, Low Pulse

Invitation to Dream

Unanswered Questions 

Ocean View 

Breathless Static.

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Website link:


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